Fractal Forest

Populate your worlds with procedurally generated trees.

Colmar France

A map based on the architecture of Colmar France and Howl's Moving Castle.

Dragon Shout

A plugin that adds Skyrim shouts to Minecraft!

Planned Updates and New Projects - July 26th, 2020

Work has begun on complete rewrites for Star Mail and Discord Link.

  • Discord Link will shift to a system that checks for linked permissions nodes instead of groups
  • Discord Link will recieve a gui for linking and unlinking and initiate linking from Minecraft.
  • Star Mail will get improved crafting, guis, and a new head block for sending letters.

Large updates are planned for Meteor Storms and Fractal Forest

Work on new plugins will begin after the updates and rewrites are finished.

A New Vision - March 10th, 2020

The server has closed so that our team can focus 100% of its efforts on plugins and builds!

All future projects will be completely free and open source. If you wish to support Eclipse Kingdom, you can make a donation here.