1. Getting Started
  2. Rules
  3. Tips
  4. World

Getting Started


When you first join the game you will spawn in a floating castle. Jump down and walk 200 blocks to start building. Everyone starts with three homes and one plot. A home is a location that you can teleport back to. A plot is a 75x75 area that is protected from other players building and opening chests. Your plot extends to the ground and sky limits. Plots are safe from all typs of explosions, including tnt launched from outside of the plot. Use the item leather to check what plot a block is in.

Here are a few useful commands to know:

  • /spawn - teleport to spawn
  • /hub - teleport to the hub
  • /home set [home] - create a home with name [home]
  • /home [home] - teleport to the home named [home]
  • /home - read more about homes
  • /plot claim [plot] - claim a plot with name [plot]
  • /plot - read more about plots
  • /help - list all available commands

Read more about commands here

In Eclipse Kingdom you can win rewards through opening crates. Crates are opened by clicking on them with a crate keys. Crate keys can be obtained as an event reward, or as a lucky monster drop. Monsters have a 1% chance to drop a key. This chance can be improved by using a looting sword. Each level of looting increases the drop rate by 0.05%. For monsters to have a chance to drop a key, it must spawn naturally. Monsters from spawners will not drop keys. Once you get a key, use /warp crate to find the corresponding crate. If the crate is not there, try looking around spawn or other locations.

Read more about loot here

If you need help, ask any online staff member. If you wish to report an issues or provide feedback, email




In general, just use common sense.

Basic guidelines:

  • No Hacking
  • No Cheating
  • No Spamming
  • No Harassing


  • Walk far from spawn to avoid unwanted visitors
  • Only PvP with items that you are willing to lose
  • Use /bottle to store enchanting levels before attempting dangerous tasks
  • Get at least 8 hours of spleep every night

"when in doubt, pinky out" - Patrick Star



Enjoy the new ocean biomes! This server is on version 1.13.2.

  • fire spread is off
  • mob griefing is off
  • pvp is on
  • difficulty is hard
  • world is 300,000x300,000