Bot Bank

Including JDA in plugin form

Bot Bank is a bot management API. It allows multiple plugins to use the same bot's Discord connection, preventing redundancy.

JDA stands for Java Discord API. JDA was developed by dv8tion. This plugin compiles the API so that it can be easily loaded by Spigot plugins.

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Discord Link

Together they can rule the galaxy

Discord Link connects Minecraft accounts with Discord users. The verification process is started through an in-game command. After linking, the Discord user can be given a configurable role. Depending on how the plugin is configured, the user can also be assigned a nickname to match the Minecraft account.

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Dragon Shout

Unleash the power within!

Dragon Shout allows players to unlock and use Dragonborn shouts from Skyrim. Shouts are unlocked by right clicking with a dragon bone. Dragon bones can be won in events or dropped by dragons.

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Fighting Fights

A combat management system

Fighting Fights is a simple combat management system. When one player attacks another, both will be put into combat. Players in combat are blocked from using certain commands.

Fighting Fights also add a few optional aesthetic changes. One of these is a red screen tint and heart beat sound when a player's health is critically low. Another is a blindness effect during the "You died!" screen.

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Fractal Forest

Populate your worlds with procedurally generated trees

Fractal Forest adds procedurally generated trees to Minecraft. Trees are generated by placing enchanted saplings associated with a custom tree species.

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Matter Transference

For more than just walnuts. Travel through the Ether!

Matter Transference adds matter transference, or teleportation, devices known as MTDs. The devices act as portals, linking one location to another.

MTDs are advantageous over more traditional portal plugins for server owners trying to optimize. This is because of the way MTDs are defined. MTDs are defined by a single block location. MTDs are activated by stepping on a pressure plate at the defined location. Traditional portal plugins, on the other hand, usually define portals as a region. These types of portals are activated by checking if players are inside the region. The MTDs will only perform a location check when a pressure plate is stepped on, while traditional portals will make a location check every time a player moves.

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Meteor Storms

Bombard your worlds with space rocks!

Meteor Storms adds randomly spawning meteors to Minecraft worlds. When a meteor approaches, all online players will begin receiving alerts reporting the time until impact. The alerts also contain the location of the impact zone.

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Player Plot

Build Without Fear!

Player Plot allows players to claim protected plots. Everyone starts with one plot. Protected plots are immune to explosive damage including TNT launched from outside of the plot. Other players can not build or open chests unless you give them permission by added them as a friend. PvP is still enabled in plots.

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Star Mail

the honorable and dependable letter carrier

Star Mail adds mailboxes, letters, and packages to Minecraft. It pays close attention to details to deliver an immersive mailing experience.

By default, players can send three types of mail: letters, written books, and packages.

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Warp Magic

For all your teleporting needs

Warp Magic lets players teleport. All players start with one homes and three warps. Players will respawn at their home if it is set. Warps are named location that players can place and teleport back to. A vortex is a public warp location that all players can teleport to. WarpMagic allows players to teleport to the server spawn and hub. Warp Magic also provides unique teleportation effects such as bursting into flames or turning into a cloud of bats. Finally, Warp Magic allows players to send teleport requests to other players.

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